Karpaty, have today revealed that they are going for a complete rebrand!

As their recent official website & social medial posts have revealed- drastic changes are coming as they prepare for life in Ukraine’s 3rd tier!

However ALL is not lost…

Do not be so quick to judge this logo change as something cheap or lazy – it is likely for good purpose…

Karpaty’s part owner Oleh Smaliychuk & Ultras Karpaty have taken part in an official legal hand over ceremony where the latter have become the official rights owners of the historic old badge.

This means it can be safeguarded in the future – especially if the current club goes bust, which very much could be the case.

Ultimately – it is likely that the current Karpaty Lviv will be liquidated (with its new badge) As a result this logo transfer will allow a reborn club / an unofficial successor to use the old badge – now it’s not in ownership of the club!

Smaliychuk is smartly trying to prevent all of the club’s rich history from going into the bin!

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